Marketing helps people make connections. Whether that’s one business connecting with another or educating a consumer about a brand. We, marketers, help connect the dots. What technology has done for marketing is refined how those connections are made, and essentially made them a lot more personal. Whether it’s corresponding with a brand directly online about an experience a customer had (good or bad) or the brand telling a meaningful story about one of their employees or how their product is making a difference in someone’s life there’s magic in the making. As someone who looks for the magic in this world, I find this profession suits me and makes me happy.

I’ve been doing this for 18 years. I’ve worked at startups where I wore all the hats and helped build a product that literally can help save lives and I’ve worked at larger corporations where I helped people with chronic disease find a safe haven in an online community. I’ve worked for a marketing and PR agency where I worked with all sorts of industries from aviation to roofing. Some of those industries were starting from the ground up and others were well-established launching a new product or campaign. I’m currently the Digital Marketing Manager for Corning® Gorilla® Glass, a Fortune 500 brand.

These thoughts on this website are my own (obviously) and this is a space where I can geek out on marketing, and hopefully someone will learn something along the way.

Happy marketing everyone,


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