Visual Content. Visual Person.

Visual Content. Visual Person.

There’s little chance you’ve missed this trend of marketing called, visual marketing.  Never has the famous phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” been more true.  I personally happen to really like this trend.  I’m a visual person.  My favorite way to connect with the consumer is to engage them, that’s nothing new.  Engagement, however comes at a price.  We’re finding that the price has decreased when we simply add a few pictures.  My company’s strongest online communities are our blog and Facebook.  I’ve found that since I simply started adding photos to our Facebook page our engagement has sky rocketed.  Don’t get me wrong, I was using photos before but usually I would add a link and allow Facebook to generate an image for me from whatever I was linking to.  The difference now is that I upload a photo, a good quality/ interesting photo and then add a link.  The result is that I get about 50 percent more people to be motivated enough to click the link.  What Facebook should really do is allow the user to click the image (like you can on Pinterest) and it will take them to wherever you wanted them to go.

I was having a discussion the other day about our office cat (yep, we’re one of those kind of offices).  Our office cat has a Facebook page and the cat naturally posts photos of herself.  The discussion I got into with my coworker is that he thinks its odd that the cat doesn’t have more engagement and we know that’s not due to lack of interest of cats on the Internet.  In my opinion, the difference is that the cat photos are just photos with a little text at the top.  The cat photos that go crazy viral are still just photos of cats but they something ridiculous in the large meme-maker copy printed on the image of the photo itself.  The point is, you can easily take an ordinary photo and make it engage-worthy.

If only I had something ridiculous written in big letters on this photo













I found an interesting infographic on Mashable.  I mainly wanted to include it because it looks pretty and it would be weird not to include an image in this post.

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