Your 2013 Social Media Strategy: Do More Cross Promotion With Like-Minded Brands

Your 2013 Social Media Strategy: Do More Cross Promotion With Like-Minded Brands
Online Cross Promotion

Here’s my New Year’s social media strategy for 2013.

There are media outlets that charge to post something to their social media about your brand. They have packages and different levels of pricing that you can buy. If you’re considering doing this consider doing this social media strategy instead.  Find like-minded brands and start building a relationship with them and cross promoting on your social media platforms.

You may be doing this already and if you are, start doing it more.  I’ve had positive experiences doing this with brands that have a much bigger following on social media and brands that have much less. As long as the brand is relevant to your company in some way or offers something that will entertain or inform your audience in a relevant way it’s a good idea and here’s why:

  • SEO: The amount of people that link to you, reference, follow you has some influence on the google algorithm so it increases your SEO.
  • Recommendation: Smaller brands may have more active and engaged audiences. They may be a bigger brands exact target audience but since they’re smaller the audience trusts them more.  Getting a recommendation from a small brand on social media can be like getting a  recommendation from a friend.  That’s important since 74% of people consult social media to influence their buying decision. (Gartner, 2010)
  • Increase Audience: Bigger brands have big audiences.  Getting a link to more people who are your target demographic is a good thing.  It won’t flood the gates but you’ll gain some new followers out of the deal.
  • Community Management: Cater to your community. Your community manager should never hesitate to find something that would interest/entertain/inform your online community.  Talking about your brand all the time should not be their strategy. You have to mix it up a bit if you want people to stay with you.
  • Building Business Relationships:  Linking to another person’s page, tagging them, retweeting, pinning, following, sharing…all of that spreads goodwill and a token of likeability.  You should be doing this with your customers certainly but you should also be doing this with other brands.  Form a sort of online BD with them and come up with campaigns together.  If you do all this you don’t need to pay media outlets to talk about you.
  • Increase Visibility: Facebook and Twitter only allow you to talk to a sliver of your audience despite the fact that your audience has requested to hear from you. In order to talk to more than just a sliver of your Facebook or Twitter audience you have to pay.

Having more brands with the same target audience talk about you will help up those numbers…for all parties involved.

Now you know part of my social media strategy in the New Year. If anyone else has any experience in this area, please share your thoughts.

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Natalie is a content creator and strategist at Happy Place Marketing. She has worked in lead generation since 2005 and has a passion for fitness. She turned that passion into a startup and is the co-founder of Ramblen, a website that helps people stay fit while they travel. In 2014, she became an ACE certified personal trainer and in 2015 she earned her certified content marketer status from Copyblogger. When she's not working she's probably out on a run, or a bike ride, maybe swimming.


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