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Jonathan Gates – Graphic Designer – Sundry Supply Co

In his own words


I’m a designer living and working in Middle America.

By day, I work with the insanely talented crew at the Signal Factory. We make design, animation, and video for television, branding, and live events.

I live downtown, and am slowly documenting it’s signage. I ride a Felt F95. I enjoy a strong beverage and have been called a beer snob. Sometimes I get to team up on projects with some really great friends. I love doing all kinds of work for all kinds of clients.

Sundry is where I get to do that. If you’re interested in working with me, just send me an email. Let’s see if we can’t make something beautiful together.

made by monday








Made by Monday, Agile Web Development & UX Design


Alex Welch and Scott Craig make up Made by Monday LLC. As a  UX designer and web software developer they provide important skills to innovating and building products while providing the best design for how people use them.

Alex has over 8 years of experience in software development and recently worked for one of the leading agile development shops in the industry, Pivotal Labs.  At Pivotal he had the privilege to work and learn from some of the world’s most talented web developers through their well-known paired programming work process.

In addition to his very talented software development skills he also has good communication skills. He acts as a liaison and implementation coordinator on projects. He’s an accomplished cyclist and as a junior raced with the US National Junior Development Team in Europe. A testimonial to his hard work ethic.

Alex is an all-around great guy.

Scott’s background is visual design.  This allows him to apply artistic style to even the most complex interfaces.  Having a visual design background serves him well when he has to collaborate with designers. On the flip side he also understands simple code and understands the web application medium. The blend of these skill sets makes him an ideal UX designer allowing him to design with implementation in mind while not losing the artistic style along the way.

Scott is also a great guy. Very laid back and no BS. You’ll get timely deliverables with Scott as he skips all the conceptual stuff that can delay work.  He has done work for clients such as FedEx, ATT, Adobe, TNF and Audi.

His wife makes the best cupcakes ever made.

Both of these guys live in Denver, CO but are accustomed to working remotely.

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