How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program: Free eBook Download

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program

What is a brand ambassador program and how does it work? You see them everywhere on social media and have come to the realization your company needs one too but where to start? In this eBook I describe:


How to start a brand ambassador program: This includes the strategy and tools you’ll need before you begin to recruit your brand ambassadors.



What makes a great brand ambassador: Tips on how to find the right kind of people to champion your brand.




Best practices for engaging with your brand ambassadors: This includes information on how to keep your brand ambassadors motivated to continue talking about your brand.



What to expect when your brand ambassador program is in place:  I’ll cover the basics of what maintenance of a good brand ambassador requires.



UPDATE: I’m currently revising and updating this eBook. I’ll email those who sign-up below when I have the revised version. Thanks!

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