Hey Marketers! Let’s Create our Own Distribution Network for Great Content.

Hey Marketers! Let’s Create our Own Distribution Network for Great Content.
Marketing Network Distribution

What was it that Jerry McGuire said in the beginning of that movie, “It was just a mission statement?” I’m having one of those moments right now as a marketer.

If you’re truly invested into creating great content and you’re doing the marketing for a small business, a sole proprietor, startup, or anyone else who doesn’t have a huge marketing budget, you’re getting frustrated by the lack of being able to reach enough people to consume said great content. I’ve written about this before but today, I have an idea, and I need your help.

Let’s create our own network distribution as marketers. Chances are, you’ve built up a brand you work for or your own personal brand on social and therefore have a decent audience. This is sort of expanding on my brand ambassador program but this one is specifically for marketers.

We all want our clients or the company we work for to be successful. Let’s help each-other out.

Here’s What I Propose:

Step 1. Email me or DM on Twitter your name, brand, industry and social channels.

My email is natalie@happyplacemarketing.com

Twitter: @thisnatalie

Step 2.  I’ll compile a list of everyone and when we get at least 10 in one industry I’ll email out a spreadsheet with the info and a designated hashtag.
Step 3. Once you have the list, follow everyone’s social in your particular network. The idea is that brands in a given industry will have a built up audience that are interested in the type of content you are creating.
Step 4. Mark your social with the designated hashtag so your network will know to repost.


Criteria or Guidelines:

  • You must be creating quality, original content to be shared
  • You must filter for your network’s hashtag and share


Questions at Large for Marketing Community:

  • How will we ensure that people not in our distribution network don’t use the hashtag? Does that even matter if the content they share met the first criteria?
  • Should we start with just Twitter first?

If this idea takes off, I’ll create an email sign-up for each industry but before I go to the trouble of doing that let’s see if anyone is even interested.

Who’s in?

Think someone else might find this useful? Please share!
Natalie is a content creator and strategist at Happy Place Marketing. She has worked in lead generation since 2005 and has a passion for fitness. She turned that passion into a startup and is the co-founder of Ramblen, a website that helps people stay fit while they travel. In 2014, she became an ACE certified personal trainer and in 2015 she earned her certified content marketer status from Copyblogger. When she's not working she's probably out on a run, or a bike ride, maybe swimming.


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