• Politics at Play

    When I was 22 or 23-years-old I lived and worked in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson is one of the outdoor meccas here in the US. Like many other college graduates, I applied for and obtained a job at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort mainly so I...

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  • The Ski Helmet Debate

    The Great Ski Helmet Debate

    This is a new category I’m going to try out, “Stories I pitched that should have been covered but weren’t.”  First up is The Great Ski Helmet Debate… here’s how it goes: Should you or should you not wear a helmet? If you’re asking yourself this...

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  • Community Manager

    When Building a Brand Ambassador Program Community is Key

    When I was at HealthTalk/everydayhealth our bloggers used to email me their blog posts everyday and I’d post them. It was extra work but I actually really liked that process because along with every blog post attachment they would email me stories about what was going...

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  • how a brand ambassador program works

    What is a Brand Ambassador and How Does a Brand Ambassador Program Work?

    Think someone else might find this useful? Please share!

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  • Brand Ambassador

    Why Athletic Brands Should Be Paying More Attention to the Pro Blogger

      Are you an athlete? Do you blog about it? Tweet? Maintain a Facebook page? Listen up because community marketing is relevant to you. Are you an athletic, fitness, sport or outdoor brand?  You’ll want to pay attention to this too. There is a new kind...

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