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Natalie is the owner and marketing consultant at Happy Place Marketing. Natalie began her career in the web industry in Seattle, WA in 2004.  Since then she has worked for online health consumer websites such as HealthTalk, Steve Case’s Revolution Health and The Everyday Health network.  Her work largely involved building online communities and determining how to utilize those communities to create customer acquisition, loyalty, brand awareness and conversion.  In 2009 she joined the Docvia team and is the Director of Marketing for ICEdot.  In her role at ICEdot  she directs online marketing, brand management, email marketing, ICEdot Athletes (online community), social media management and marketing strategies. In January 2013 she took the leap to begin her own consulting venture. Her first client was ICEdot.org.


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I’m  the marketing director of ICEdot.org and community manager of ICEdot and ICEdot Athletes of which I also blog on all things sporty. I’m also the owner of Happy Place Marketing. Welcome!

I’m a wife, mom, stepmom, daughter, sister, stepdaughter, stepsister, friend, dog owner, reader, writer, adventurer, triathlete which means I’m also a, runner, cyclist, swimmer, mountain lover, secret sci-fi fan, not so secret young adult fiction fan, believer in genetic memory and time travel, wanna be photographer, photography fan, WW II buff….I think that’s enough labels for one day.

I also happen to be a dedicated observer of online behavior and trends.  This serves me well in my occupation and I’ve been building online communities now for about 8 years. Community marketing and online communities are my forte but marketing requires a whole lot more than that. Which leads me to my personal marketing creed.

Create. Engage. Connect. Evolve and Analyze.  More or less that’s what I’ll be talking about on this blog, I’ll quickly disclaim here that I’m also random creative and may get a little side tracked from time to time.


I’ve also written a book that I wrote for my grandfather about his experiences in World War II.  It remains one of the greatest honors of my life that my grandfather was so happy with how this story turned out. If you like WW II stuff, please check it out.  He’d be so pleased.








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