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Hi! I’m Natalie and I’ve been working in online lead generation since 2005. Of course back then it wasn’t called that. In fact, I’ve had many different titles over the years, mainly because the jobs I was doing were all very new, thanks to the fast paced world of the Internet. No one knew exactly what to call me. Nowadays, the terms “content marketing” and “community manager” generally are the terms the industry settled on that more accurately represent what I do for personal brands and businesses.

I’ve worked for large consumer health websites such as: The Everyday Health Network and sporting good companies such as: ICEdot. I’m well suited to work for healthy lifestyle brands as I’m personally interested in health and fitness and hold an ACE certification in personal training. That being said, I feel my methodology and procedures are applicable to any industry.

I’m a keen observer of online behavior and in a constant state of learning, (you sort of have to be in this line of work). I’ve managed and built many brand ambassador programs and have written on the topic both here on my blog and on The Daily Muse.

In addition to all things Happy Place Marketing, I co-founded a travel-fitness startup called, Ramblen. It recommends healthy places to eat and workout while you travel. Someday I think the travel-marketing-startup-fitness industry will be HUGE. Right? In the meantime you can find me blogging about any of those topics here at Happy Place Marketing.

If you’re interested in working with me or just want to ask me a question, please feel free to connect. Thanks for taking the time to learn about me!

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Kind Words

  • What makes working with Natalie  so special is her unique combination of intelligence, personality and professionalism. No matter what project I brought to her, Natalie was able to attack with energy and persistence and what she understands about social media marketing is truly amazing. She understands social media not simply from the marketing perspective, but from the human perspective as well. She’s excellent at understanding the strengths of the different social media platforms – especially blogging – and using those strengths for the good of the organization. Natalie also understands that search engine optimization and social media can work hand in hand to help customers find a company’s products. In addition, she’s a solid writer and editor and understands the concept of changing tone to reach the best audience. Most of all, she brings infectious energy and intelligence to any project.
    Social Media ManagerAlbert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Natalie provided the tools and support that I needed to create a blog that is still growing in readership after 5 years. She was fundamental in helping me to develop a personal style and consistency that my readers could relate to. I benefitted from Natalie’s knowledge and skill of marketing on the web which led to invitations for me to write guest blogs for other sites and to be recognized by several organizations with a link to my blog on their web site. She was fundamental in securing my participation in a national debate on health-care reform with the Washington post online. Her direction and enthusiasm has been a huge advantage to my success on the Internet.
    Life with Breast Cancereverydayhealth.com/blog/life-with-breast-cancer/
  • Natalie is a tirelessly professional individual with whom it has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She brings to the table great skill sets in communications, social media and CRM. I thoroughly endorse her as she would be a tremendous asset for any endeavor.
    Founder/CEOI’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation, Inc. (stupidcancer.com)
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