4 Free Marketing Resources You Should Check Out This Week While Their Offer Lasts

4 Free Marketing Resources You Should Check Out This Week While Their Offer Lasts

I found a bunch of really cool marketing resources that are offering free webinars, templates and other opportunities. I shouldn’t say I “found” them it was more like I opened some emails.  Even marketers get marketed to. Like you, I receive lots of marketing emails. Some I welcome others I don’t.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been working on happy place marketing or what but this week I’ve acted upon more of those marketing emails than usual. Today alone I signed up for a webinar and downloaded an Ebook. Woah.

Here is my marketing resources roundup this week.  Some of these are time sensitive so you should hurry up and act if you’re interested.


Blog Editorial Calendar Template

If you’ve been thinking about editorial calendars for blog content HubSpot had a free template you could download and use.  I was curious to see what their template was like in order to compare to the ones I’ve used.  It was pretty good. If you’ve never used one it’s a good place to start and if you have that there wasn’t anything all that new but it’s nice to compare to see what other people are doing.

Here’s the link if you’d like to download one yourself. You have to fill out their little form to get it but all that really does is give them your email and I usually find their emails helpful and informative.


HubSpot Free Template for a Blog Editorial Calendar



Free Webinar about A/B Testing

Kissmetrics partnered with Wider Funnel to offer a free webinar about A/B testing. I’ve written about them before and I’m clearly a fan. Their email explicitly said do not share so I’m hoping that was a fun marketing tactic?  I like A/B testing and we just found out today that something we A/B tested had an improvement of conversion by 60 percent! Right after that I registered. It comes with a really interesting looking white paper when you register but I somehow closed the link and lost it.

Free Webinar Take the Guesswork out of A/B Testing



5 Relationship Builders for Your Content

This was from Copyblogger CMO and co-founder Sonia Simone. I like her stuff and this seemed like a good one to read.  If your in the content building business in any shape or form this was a good read and good advice.  She’s also very right about the jackass comment.

Do You Include These 5 Relationship Builders in Your Content?



Guest Blogging

Someone I know came across this post and thought I’d be interested in applying. What do you think?  Do I have what it takes?  Do you?

Guest Posting on Blogging Basics 101



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